In March 2017 California‚Äôs DTSC (Department of Toxic Substances Control) updated its Safer Consumer Products Regulation (SCPR) Candidate Chemicals List.

The new substances added include the following:

  • 4-heptylphenol, branched and linear
  • Ammonium nonadecafluorodecanoate [CAS# 3108-42-7]
  • Branched Perfluorooctanoic isomers (Sb-PFOA)
  • Nonadecafluorodecanoic acid, sodium salt [CAS# 3830-45-3]
  • n-Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (n-PFOS)
  • n-Perfluorooctanoic acid (n-PFOA)
  • p-(1,1-dimethylpropyl)phenol [CAS# 80-46-6]
  • Perfluoromethylheptane sulfonic acid isomers (Sm-PFOS)
  • Triclocarban [CAS# 101-20-2]

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