In January 2017, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) added  four new substances with 5 CAS numbers to REACH’s Substances of Very High Concern Candidate list for Authorisation (SVHC). This brings the current SVHC total to 173 substances. 

The substances and their CAS numbers are:

  1. 4,4’-isopropylidenediphenol (bisphenol A; BPA): CAS # 80-05-7
  2. Nonadecafluorodecanoic acid (PFDA) and its sodium and ammonium salts: CAS numbers #335-76-2;  #3108-42-7;# 3108-42-7
  3. p-(1,1-dimethylpropyl)phenol: CAS #80-46-6
  4. 4-heptylphenol, branched and linear [substances with a linear and/or branched alkyl chain with a carbon number of 7 covalently bound predominantly in position 4 to phenol, covering also UVCB- and well-defined substances which include any of the individual isomers or a combination thereof: no CAS number published

For the complete SVHC list from ECHA, click here: