PEC Managed Services, Complete Project Planning, Implementation and Management: When you know it needs to be done but your resources are allocated elsewhere …

Whether it’s putting together Project Plans, arranging component testing services, developing Due Diligence Strategies, organizing supplier education program... our experienced consultants and trainers can do the work for you enabling your staff to continue with what they do best.

PEC Managed Services Solutions

We’ve rolled up our sleeves  so our customers didn't have to. We've done the day to day management functions of all compliance activities including acquisition and integration of full disclosure parts information, exemption analysis, data cleansing, PPM analytics, product roll up, product certifications, audit trail management and producing custom reports for both customers and internal management.

Whatever size your company is, we will start by evaluating all your complinace needs, help you to develop your compliance roadmap, and we will walk down the road with you, leading the way.

You will receive assistance that is:

  • Practical
  • Complete
  • Cost effective
  • Grounded in our more than five years of global product compliance experience in solving compliance headaches so you don't have to

Nobody has done Product Environmental Compliance longer. Between the GoodBye Chain Group and our Compliance Alliance partners, nobody does it better.

Key Questions:

  • To what degree have you been spinning your wheels and squandering resources?
  • How many resources have you had to re-allocate to spend on compliance efforts?
  • How many new resources have you had to commit to for compliance efforts?
  • How much time, money and stress would an outsourced service save you?

For more detail on our portfolio of PEC Managed Services, see: