Product Environmental Compliance (PEC) KnowledgeBase…because immediate access to comprehensive information reduces your cost, risk, compliance efforts and time away from core business activities

C2P KnowledgeBase
  • If your company is a Downstream User, how does REACH impact you?
  • Is your company prepared to comply with Article 33 of REACH according to OA5 ?
  • How do the Proposition 65 labeling requirements affect your ability to sell into California?
  • How will you be prepared to comply wiht RoHS Delegated Directive 2015/863?

Answers to these and many other legislative questions are just a few keystrokes away:

  • Track regulations. Monitor requirements. Manage risks.
  • Search out the particulars. Sort by geography. Study the details at your own pace.
  • Lower costs. Reduce risks. Capitalize on opportunities.

Knowledge is power.

Power is the ability to see clearly and act correctly. In combination with GCG’s expertise in customer requirements, supply chain issues and the many other business implications of PEC Directives, the PEC Directive KnowledgeBase provides your company with the most powerful compliance solution available.

Key questions:

  • Are you on top of global PEC Directives and how they impact your company?
  • Does senior management expect precise answers?
  • Which is more cost-effective: accessing a comprehensive and regularly-updated KnowledgeBase or hiring a team of staff to read new laws and make interpretations?

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