Global WEEEGlobal WEEE Solutions…because “the devil is in the details”, and world WEEE regulations are very devilish.

31 EEA member states…38 US states (so far), China, Norway, Japan, Korea, Central and South America, Canadian provinces… and a great deal more: collectively, it is a maze of similar, but different, regulations, product scopes, registration rules, reporting timelines, fee structures and a lot more.

GCG's Domain Expertise and "Let's Make This as Painless as Possible" Approach

GCG’s Global WEEE Solutions reduce your WEEE risks, costs and administrative headaches . We have walked many companies through many geographic WEEE compliance programs. We can do it quickly and affordably for your firm as well. To cite just a few ways we can help, GCG:

  • Knows the details of EU/EEA, US and other geographic requirements
  • Has partnerships and/or insider contacts in waste management organizations
  • Provides a Managed Services approach with one-stop compliance in the form of:
    • Easy-to-use/save-you-time template documents for:
      • Determining your registration responsibility (vs. your distributors or customers)
      • Developing disassembly instructions that are simple, adequate and don’t add another major project to your engineering or service “plate”
  • In-depth consulting in regard to not only the WEEE legal requirements, but also to the many, many business decisions and internal processes that must be addressed
  • Forms, fax numbers, registration fees and a million other geography-based essential bits of information

GCG’s WEEE-Related Activities

In addition to our real-world experience helping companies to comply with WEEE registration, waste management and other requirements, GCG was the only US consulting company to attend major EU WEEE conferences in Brussels and Prague. We were the very first WEEE consulting company listed in the US Commerce Department’s “Service Provider” page. And we have “pick-up-the-phone-and-call” relationships with a number of governmental and compliance-scheme officials worldwide.

Key Questions

  • Does anyone in your company have the time to track -- and comply with -- all the geography-by-geography WEEE differences?
  • Have you missed any of the WEEE fee-reducing options that may be available to you?
  • Even if you are not a public company, is the impact of being slapped with a fine or having your products removed from shelves worth the relatively small cost of compliance?

GCG's Global RoHS Experience: