REACH Compliance Solutions…because this “RoHS on Steroids” Regulation is expected to restrict 250 times the number of RoHS-restricted substances: 1500 substances vs. 6 substances.


GCG’s Domain Expertise, Tools and “No Nonsense” Managed Services Approach

  • Are you a finished goods manufacturer, contract manufacturer or component supplier (“Downstream User”)?
  • GCG can save you a ton of REACH-related time, cost and stress.
  • GCG can rapidly implement our award-winning Substance Management Software Solution while utilizing our internationally recognized domain expertise to address your company's REACH requirements.

GCG can assist you today in:
  • Cutting through REACH’s complexity
    • 849 pages
    • ~30,000 substances to be registered
    • The need to be sure your substance uses are registered - and are authorized ??
  • Making sure you can continue to sell into the world’s largest developed market
    • “How do we calculate the collective weight of any carcinogenic, mutagenic, persistent or bio-accumulative substances in our products?
    • ” “We can’t sell into the UK or Germany because no-one registered how we actually use one of our critical substances?”
  • Minimizing your supply chain/business interruption risks
  • “What if our supplier discontinues a critical substance?”
  • “We have to communicate risk management methods to our customers? ”

GCG’s “One-Step-At-A-Time” Approach to REACH Compliance

We’ll assess your REACH status and identify your gaps. Then we’ll make recommendations, lay out a roadmap and implement GCG’s Phase 1 REACHTrack™ Matrix. As a result, you will be:

  • Ready for REACH and CLP deadlines
  • On top of your critical, key and high-concern substances
  • Well on your way towards implementing your REACH project plan
  • Ahead of the long REACH curve (and probably your competitors)

Key questions:

  • Do you fully understand high-stakes impact that REACH will have on your business and your supply chain?
  • Can you afford to lose revenue because critical substances and their uses aren’t registered?
  • Can your IT systems incorporate a substance library and seamlessly track all the supplier, weight, volume and other multi-column data points you will need?

REACH updates are occurring constantly.

For the for the latest REACH running totals and news alerts click here.