Bill of Materials (BoM) Management: Generating your reports for you when you need them, allowing you to meet your deadlines - with or without your own compliance staff or software.

GCG’s Full Disclosure Data Collection Services  are based on collection of custom data, ensuring that your BoM Management is always based on the freshest, most accurate data possible. Unlike other services that offer access to large databases that may contain obsolete data, GCG goes directly to the supplier/manufacturer for custom data collection - every time. This means that you don’t need to waste resources trying to obtain proprietary data that is not generally available, or spend your time working with systems that simply do not contain enough of the data that you need.   

Once data collection tasks are complete, GCG will manage your BoMs and generate any and all the reports you may need for environmental compliance. GCG has been managing BoM’s using its award-winning MDW-ES softwaresince 2003, when there were no tools yet available for substance and material data management. MDW-ES was the first software solution of its kind, and our experienced technical staff has over 8 years of experience managing all types of data. The objective of GCG’s BoM Management activities is to perform data analysis to provide material and substance composition reporting by delivering standard and customized reports as requested.  

GCG’s activities during BoM Management are focused on data management and Product Environmental Compliance (PEC) reporting capabilities. GCG will collect, analyze, and integrate full disclosure part information into your company’s (PEC) Management System in order to demonstrate that you have conducted comprehensive ‘due diligence’ activities within your supply chain. Goals of GCG’s data collection and analysis activities include providing part level material and substance composition data, standardizing manufacturer names, validating manufacturer part numbers, and collecting all relative part level compliance documentation.  

Dedicated GCG resources provide comprehensive project management services that include: analyzing part data based on legislative business rules; establishing a defensible part data audit trail; integrating full disclosure part information into GCG’s MDW-ES compliance management software; managing your company’s declaration related product compliance activities and programs. Specific BoM Management tasks may include, but are not limited to: importing data; validating data; reconciling data; examining exemptions; replenishing substances; reviewing and correcting exceptions; completing data sets for REACH article reporting.  

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Benefits of GCG’ BoM Management:   

Frees your time and resources: We hear consistently that BoM Management is a tedious, mind-numbing and frustrating job full-time job, regardless of who is doing it. You can free the amount of time and resources needed for BoM Management by outsourcing the entire project, portion of the project, or specific task to GCG’s BoM Management team.   

À la carte Services: GCG’s BoM Management services are quoted on a BoM by BoM basis, report basis, number/type of parts, or days of service, ensuring that you pay for only the services that you need and that you receive. GCG doesn’t require lengthy contracts or subscriptions for part data collection or BoM Management, giving you the flexibility to use our services when you need.   

Fast turn-around: Are you waiting for your compliance software to be installed and actually working while you still have deadlines? If you are not using MDW-ES PEC softwareto manage your materials and substances, you may be among the many companies that are forced to wait months until their compliance software is installed, training is provided, and the solution is actually working before you can use it to satisfy demands from customers or governmental agencies. With GCG’s BoM Management, our dedicated team will use MDW-ES, one of the most robust compliance software solutions on the market, and generate your reports for you when you need them, allowing you to meet your deadlines.   

Low cost, low commitment: If PEC software is not in your company’s budget, or demands for reports are too infrequent to justify a compliance software commitment from your company at this time, GCG’s BoM Management is the perfect solution. GCG’s BoM Management team uses our own MDW-ES PEC softwareto perform the services for you, eliminating (or postponing) the need to license or buy software, while satisfying your commitments. Once your budget and/or demand for reports justifies PEC software for your organization, GCG’s BoM specialists will transfer any data and reports already generated through our BoM Management services to your database in MDW-ES or Green-ES, making it a seamless transition and putting you in control of past, present, and future BoM Management. Even then, GCG can still perform BoM Management services, as outsourcing BoM Management to GCG is less expensive than the opportunity cost of your compliance or quality assurance manager doing the “busy work” or hiring a full-time staffer to manage data and generate reports. If you do have the resources to engage a full-time on-staff professional to do this type of work, our MDW-ESor Green-ES smsolution is the appropriate tool to assist them in their efforts.   

Accuracy: No more “garbage in, garbage out” based on stale part data or dated reports. GCG can run, re-run and re-run your reports at your request to give you the most accurate reports as needed by your internal requirements, customer demands, and governmental rules. This means that every time the REACH SVHC listis updated and reports are re-requests, GCG can accommodate your needs easily and effectively based on your changing product status and changes to regulations and legislation.   

More information:

For more information on GCG’s BoM Management Services, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-888-GBChain (1-888-422-4246) x 81.