The GoodBye Chain Group

case study

Utilizing both its deep domain expertise and its award-winning MDW-ES Substance Management Software Solution, GCG has assisted many companies in complying with worldwide RoHS-like Directives. Below are just some of the geography-based summaries of GCG customer engagements.  EU RoHS· GCG Customer: Medium-sized motion-control component supplier· GCG Activities: Implemented MDW Substance and Material Management Solution for data cleansing, analysis, roll-up, compliance status, auditing and reporting; developed a detailed EU RoHS project plan with roles, responsibilities and timelines; provided training, upgrades and post-implementation support· GCG Customer Key Results: Audit-worthy data management solution in place; faster time-to-compliance; affordable cost-of-compliance; protected revenue streams through meeting OEM customers’ requirements China RoHS· GCG Customer: Large medical OEM (EU and US facilities)· GCG Activity: Onsite visits to assist in determining a) whether products fell within Phase 1 scope, b) which product logo to implement and c) the most appropriate EFUP to include; assisting internal engineers in completing and translating Information Disclosure Tables; providing guidance in regard to packaging artwork; and a great deal more· GCG Customer Key Results: 70-75% of Phase 1 compliance work completed in a one- day Summit - with no internal staff member needed for more than a few hours; ability  to ship compliant product to growth-critical China market; minimal compliance costs CA RoHS· GCG Customer: Small commercial signage OEM· GCG Activities: Trained executives and engineers on CA RoHS requirements; conducted a scope evaluation of company’s product families; requested and received an evaluation from a GCG contact in the CA state government in regard to a high-revenue product; still tracking new CA RoHS legislation that, if passed as proposed, will broad dramatically the number of within-scope products· GCG Customer Key Results: Substantial cost-and-time savings after a GCG and CA determination that major product lines were out-of-scope Japan and Korea RoHS· GCG Customer: Large semi-conductor equipment manufacturer with diverse product lines· GCG Activities: Evaluated product families for scope status; researched Japan RoHS label vendors; communicated with GCG’s MDW Management Solution reseller in Japan for   language and scope clarification; spoke with staff member at Korean Environmental Ministry re: potential reporting documentation; ongoing tracking of Korea RoHS implementation details· GCG Customer Key Results: Minimal costs and staff diversions due to few products needing compliance activities; satisfaction of Japanese customer requirements; printing of Japan RoHS labels Norway RoHS· GCG Customer: Small product division within a medium-sized audio-visual equipment   manufacturer· GCG Activities: As part of ongoing legislative tracking, alerted customer of proposed regulation to take effect January 1, 2008; researched and documented common uses of   the 18 restricted substances in the proposed legislation; identified products that will come within scope· GCG Customer Key Results: Reduced research time, operational costs and compliance concerns; increased focus on roadmap compliance activities within a graduated approach