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Screening and Testing Procedures…because there’s no other way to be sure

It’s great, if you have parts per million data at the homogenous material level. But is it enough?  As part of helping its customers to build a very credible due diligence defense, GCG has brought key partners within its Compliance Alliance® program. Need a technical expert to provide you with alternative materials? Want to buy or rent an XRF gun? Thinking about a third-party testing lab? XRF DeviceWe’ll help you to develop your materials, screening and testing strategy, and we’ll give you the names and contact information of trusted, third-party specialists.Recently, GCG introduced a high-performance computing customer to an XRF manufacturer and two testing labs. We could do the same for your company tomorrow.Key questions:· Are you looking for technical advice on materials?· Would an XRF gun or third-party testing lab lower your exposure?· Do you have the time to research all the vendors?