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  · How one EMS Company is Satisfying Customer Demands to Comply with China and EU RoHS       What implementation strategy was adopted?     What software tools were used?     SMT January 07 China RoHS Feature Article     · How a Large OEM Completed A Major Portion of China RoHS Compliance in A One-Day Summit     What was done?    How much was achieved?       Munich , December 12, 2006: Building on pre-Summit guidance from the GoodBye Chain Group, a well-known and highly-regarded OEM estimates that it completed 70 - 75% of its China RoHS Phase 1 compliance work in less than 8 hours.    MDW China RoHS Disclosure Table How? Utilizing the GoodBye Chain Group’s: - Template documents - Implementation experience - Detailed knowledge of China RoHS’ legal   requirements and business implications     With GCG’s guidance: - Getting the right people in the room,     including executive participation - Having the right information - Following the right sequential process          Proving (again) the power of teamwork - Working through issues like the   environmentally-friendly safe use    period        - Determining who had missing puzzle pieces, e.g. product routes-to-market in China - Coming up with creative solutions, e.g. how to minimize the risk of customs officials disturbing   highly-sensitive equipment     Benefits · OEM-estimated 75% of compliance completed · Follow-up roles and responsibilities assigned · Efficient use of time - not a single person directly involved in compliance had to be in the room all day · Detailed minutes and successful processes that will be leveraged by the OEM’s US facility in early January   Act Now Less than 10 days to go. Meet your China RoHS requirements. Save time. Reduce cost. Stay sane.      To learn more: · Please review GCG’s China RoHS Gold and Silver Packages .Custom programs available. · Contact a GCG China RoHS consultant: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; +1 888-422-4246

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